May 2, 2019 By Lisa Mayfield, MA, LMHC, GMHS, CMC   May is Aging Life Care™ Month, which has me thinking about how supporting an aging parent can feel so daunting. We see it every day in our work as Aging Life Care Professionals®. Time consuming. Caring for an aging parent takes so much time: multiple…

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Yoga for Caregivers

Should caregivers include yoga into their daily activities? Studies indicate that reducing the burden of caregivers through therapies like yoga can help them be healthy and in turn care for patients better. Manas Bhattacharyya’s day begins at 5:30 in the morning. After a quick protein drink, he heads to the gym near his home in…

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One of the Common Aging conditions in Seniors

                 One of the Common Aging conditions in Seniors Hearing loss is common in seniors Hearing loss can’t be seen, so it’s usually noticed as a change in behavior. You might notice that your older adult frequently asks you to repeat yourself, keeps the TV volume very loud, or complains that you always mumble. If…

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What a Holiday Visit Can Reveal About a Senior’s Health

Gail M. Samaha, GMS Associates   |   Updated November 29, 2018 If you’re a long-distance caregiver, you may have recently had a visit to check in on your aging loved ones.  This visit is, perhaps, the first opportunity in several months that you had to personally observe them and their home environment. In the meantime, you’ve…

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Christmas Gifts for Relatives with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

You may be wondering what you can get for your loved ones for Christmas, who suffer from memory loss. Finding gifts for clients with dementia can be difficult, but it’s not impossible with a little help from these gift giving ideas. Depending on the stage of dementia your loved one has, you’ll want to consider different…

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Transportation for the Elderly

The Need for Transportation for the Elderly

The world in the 21st century is facing a demographic revolution; better nutrition, advances in healthcare, and the rise of smaller family units have created a hitherto unseen demographic explosion. The large demographic grouping of people 65 and older is now under pressure due to the many healthcare concerns that their venerable age brings with…

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Caring for the elderly and ill during a storm

Caring for the Elderly and Ill When a Storm is Coming

Beginning with Katrina, “storm of the century” events have unfortunately become a frequent occurrence. Every year, we stand powerless before the awesome destruction that nature can unleash. It’s hard to believe anyone could survive such an event. Can you imagine how it must be for the elderly? How about those who are ill? The best…

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Alzheimer’s Disease and Bathing Tips

Alzheimer’s Disease and Bathing

Alzheimer’s and its age-related maladies are increasingly taking center stage in the national health debate. This disease is not new, but the manner in which it has struck seniors in the 21st century is reaching plague-like proportions. The reasons are many and usually interconnected. Aside from a predisposition towards Alzheimer’s, the greatest cause for its…

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Impact of Fraudulent Scams on Seniors

The Impact of Fraudulent Scams on Seniors

As a group, senior citizens are more at risk of being victims of fraudulent scams and financial abuse than the general population. This is especially true if they are isolated, lonely, grieving, or suffering from mental or physical disability. Some seniors have difficulty dealing with financial matters and unwittingly become involved in scams. Others become victims…

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Summer Safety Tips for Elderly

Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Summer can be fun, relaxing, and lazy, or highly active. It can also be dangerous. Couple high temperatures with higher altitudes and humidity, and seniors can find themselves in serious trouble. Below are summer tips that will help ensure that aging adults and their caregivers have a fun, injury-free, healthy summer. Helping Seniors Stay Hydrated…

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