Comprehensive Assessments

Our professional team uses nationally certified screening tools to help identify risk, address potential needs, and put a solution in place.

Client-Specific Care Plans

Identify goals to improve quality of care and well-being. Organize medical providers to create and implement a comprehensive care plan.

Harnessing Resources

Tap into our extensive knowledge about costs, quality, and availability of care and financial resources in the Northern Nevada community.


With our unique skills as Nationally Certified Aging Life Care Experts, we provide an experienced guide and resource for families that may not be able to live in close proximity to their aging loved ones. We are committed to advocating for our aging population while maintaining their respect and autonomy. You can be confident your loved ones are well cared for with our coordination of their support services, medical appointments, and socialization. We will also assist with local resources and placement options, while continuing to monitor the care they receive. We respect the autonomy of each individual when coordinating the appropriate medical and social services, to ensure they receive the excellent care they deserve.


  • Problems are becoming larger and more complex
  • Demands and responsibilities are now overwhelming
  • Your family lives too far away to offer the support you need
  • Need for continuity of care between physicians and support providers
  • Medical and supportive care costs are spiraling out of control
  • Require expertise with placement and concierge home options


Our Certified Care Managers are experts in Health and Disability Services, making them exceptionally suited to locate the best resources for those with disabilities and special needs. We work closely with family members and guardians, financial advisors, attorneys, and health care providers to identify concerns and create client-specific solutions. Our goal is to help our clients achieve the greatest independence and highest quality of care possible in the most cost-effective way. We will be your guide and advocate to achieve maximum functional capability for you or your loved-one.


  • Medical and care protocol has become too complex to manage
  • Overwhelming care needs have become too time consuming
  • Physician and support providers are not well-coordinated
  • Ensure all federal, state, local and insurance resources are utilized to control costs
  • Need to explore home service vs. placement care options
  • Family member and service provider communication ineffective

Medication Oversight

Safe, effective, and accurate medication administration based on our strong knowledge of medications, side effects, and interactions.

Proactive Care Management

Experienced liaison between client and all parties involved in care (i.e. healthcare providers, family, caregivers, attorney, and fiduciaries).

Health & Well-Being

Mediate communication between family members, prioritize goals, and simplify care needs – so you can enjoy the time you have together.